Apocalypse Now has been remastered in 4k for Ultra HD Blu-ray & Digital UHD

apocalypse-now-4k-blu-ray-720pxOver the last year, there have been several Ultra HD Blu-ray announcements that really get us excited how the new format can bring new life to films that are already great, by adding 2160p resolution (essentially quadrupling the number of pixels), HDR (High Dynamic Range) for increased color depth, and upgraded audio to some titles with Dolby Atmos.

Alien (1979), Saving Private Ryan (1998) and the upcoming release of Black Hawk Down (2001) to 4k Blu-ray are among older films that didn’t even have the advantage of 1080p Blu-ray when first released to home media, so seeing them in 4k is almost as good as the big screen.

Now, Lionsgate Home Entertainment will bring Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece Apocalypse Now (1979) to Ultra HD Blu-ray on August 27, 2019.

Apocalypse Now: Final Cut was recently shown at the Beacon Theatre in New York after the film was remastered to 4k from the original negative and colorized with Dolby Vision HDR. Colorist Doug Delaney said when restoring Apocalypse Now one of the goals was to maintain the film’s original look in the new master rather than modernize it. He mentioned the ability of Dolby’s new technology to bring out low end “shadow” details that weren’t possible before, which, along with the capabilities of expanding detail in bright areas may be HDR’s most beneficial aspects.

The soundtrack to Apocalypse Now was also upgraded to Dolby Atmos for an immersive sound experience, which audio engineers mixed specifically for home viewing with object-based audio that can travel around a room or even overhead with correct speaker placement.

The 4-disc Ultra HD Blu-ray edition of Apocalypse Now includes three cuts of the film: The Final Cut (183 minutes), Redux Extended Cut (202 minutes), and Theatrical Version (153 minutes) as well audio commentary from Director Francis Ford Coppola, and subtitles in English, English SDH, French, and Spanish.

What’s more, the new 4k Blu-ray edition of Apocalypse Now includes a Tribeca Film Festival Q&A with Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Soderbergh and never-before-seen B-roll footage, along with previously-released extras such as additional scenes, photo gallery, several featurettes, and more.

Check out the trailer below promoting the limited theatrical run, digital and 4k Blu-ray releases. You’ll notice Apocalypse Now has never looked so sharp and the colors never so vibrant. But, will HDR overdo the color in this disc release? We’ll find out soon enough. You can find out more about the restoration process from Dolby here.

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