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Best Buy to sell Batman 4K Film Collection in SteelBook case

batman-film-collection-4k-best-buy-steelbook-hr-1920Best Buy will release a Batman 4K Blu-ray Film Collection as a collectible SteelBook edition, and this “Bat-fan” couldn’t be happier.

First of all, the terrible packaging on the upcoming single 4k Blu-ray Disc editions isn’t exactly an incentive to shell out $25.99 to pre-order. Maybe the cases have some sort of glossiness to them that needs to be seen in person when released on June 4th, but online the covers just look like works-in-progress.

Secondly, the SteelBook edition from Best Buy is list-priced $89, which, if added up, amounts to about $15 less than what Amazon is selling the single movie editions for at the time of this post. BB may even drop the price or offer a limited time sale. In any case, the Batman 4k Blu-ray Film Collection should be either less expensive or competitive with the cost of four other discs (unless, of course, you are only buying the two Michael Keaton films — which is a path many are taking).

Third, SteelBook editions typically have custom artwork that is often much better looking than the standard editions. Take, as examples, the upcoming Dumbo SteelBook, 40th Anniversary Alien 4k SteelBook, and the just-released King Kong SteelBook (see eBay listings). The artwork alone might be reason enough to buy these physical copies. If not, why not just go digital?

You’ll have to wait though for the 4k Film Collection, as it’s scheduled for release on Sept. 17. By the way, the collection includes Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997). Warner Home Video also has the 4k Film Collection slated for the same day, but likely won’t be packaged in the often-exclusive Best Buy SteelBook.

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