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Deal Alert: Amazon’s 4k/HDR Toshiba Fire TVs Discounted

toshiba fire tv edition 43-inch
Toshiba 43″ Fire TV Edition

When Amazon first started selling Toshiba 4k TVs built on the Fire TV platform we were amazed at the value, especially considering the TVs support HDR (High Dynamic Range) – a feature that was usually an indicator of a much more expensive 4k TV.

List-priced at $349 the 43” Toshiba Fire TV Edition is already a deal, but even more so at its discounted price of $299. The Smart TV will get you connected to your Netflix and Prime accounts in no time, and even integrates Alexa voice control for easier navigation.

Is the 43″ screen not quite what you’re looking for? The larger 50” and 55” models, which just launched a month ago, have also been discounted.

The Toshiba 50” Fire TV is selling for $349 (List: $399) and the 55” screen discounted to $399 (List: $479). Obviously, the bigger the screen size the bigger the discount in this case.

These are about as cheap as you can get a 4k TV with HDR these days, and with the added Fire TV ecosystem it’s the perfect match for Amazon Prime customers.

Take a look at the available Toshiba Fire TV Editions on Amazon that also come with free shipping from Best Buy.

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