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This 43″ Toshiba 4k TV with Dolby Vision is Only $249!

Dolby Vision has never been so cheap! This 43" Toshiba Smart TV with HDR Dolby Vision support is only $249 -- a savings of...

Prime Deal: Toshiba 43″ Fire TV Only $179

New TVs can't get much cheaper than this. Right now Amazon is selling a 43" Toshiba Fire TV Edition for only $179. The deal...

Deal Alert: Amazon’s 4k/HDR Toshiba Fire TVs Discounted

When Amazon first started selling Toshiba 4k TVs built on the Fire TV platform we were amazed at the value, especially considering the TVs...

Prime Day: This 50″ Toshiba 4k/HDR TV is only $289.99

OK so we may have found the best Prime Day deal yet on 4k TVs. Amazon has got the 50" Toshiba 4k/HDR TV Fire...

Toshiba’s new Chromebook 2 will release October

Toshiba's upgraded Chromebook 2 will be available starting in October, configured with either a 5th-generation Intel Core i3 or Celeron processor. The new laptop is said...
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Toshiba to display 3D HD/2D Ultra HD switching at CES

Toshiba will display new screen technology at CES 2015 that can switch from 3D mode in full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution to 2D...

Toshiba shipping new 4k ‘Ultra HD’ TV models

Toshiba has announced availability of their new line of 4k ‘Ultra HD’ TVs for 2014. And although we’ve yet to spot the SKUs online...

Toshiba to ship 4K “Ultra HD” HDTVs in August

Following their presentation at CES 2013, Toshiba has delivered on their promise of a summer shipment of 4k HDTVs. In August, the company will...

New Toshiba microSDHC cards optimized for HD content

Toshiba has announced the launch of new microSDHC Memory Cards based on SeeQVault technology that are optimized for storing and reading high-definition content. Two...

Toshiba 2nd Gen Ultra HD TVs on view at CES

Toshiba is displaying several of their second generation Ultra HD TVs at CES this week. The new L9300 series are powered by Toshiba's CEVO...