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HD Report | August 19, 2017

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CinemaNow movie website & platform is no more [Updated]

Jeff Chabot

cinemanow-loading-ipad-1280px If you’ve recently tried to access the digital video service CinemaNow you may have had some trouble. The website and apps now either time-out in errors or redirect to a new website, CinemaNowFree, that not longer provides access to your digital movie account.

Instead, CinemaNowFree offers access to live streaming channels from categories such as Kids, Movies, News, and Sports, as well as selections from French, German, Russian and other international groupings.

CinemaNow was owned by several companies over its history such as Best Buy, Rovi Corp. and Regent Equity Partners. When the company was acquired by FilmOn in Jan. 2016 there were deals in place with 20th Century Fox, Disney, NBCUniversal, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. to distribute movies and premium TV shows on-demand.

But CinemaNow apparently wasn’t able to secure a big enough chunk of the online digital movie business to survive.

[Update: A reader (thanks Jon!) emailed CinemaNow and they said their apps were just down. But we’ve been trying to access CinemaNow for a couple days now and get errors on iPad, iPhone, Roku, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3. Let’s see if the app versions eventually return to operating status.]

[Update 2: The CinemaNow service is no longer listed on the UltraViolet partners page.]

CinemaNow had been integrated into many devices and platforms including Apple iOS (even the Apple Watch!), Roku media players, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Android, and Google Chromecast.

The service had also been an UltraViolet partner, meaning, titles validated with an UltraViolet digital code were accessible on CinemaNow. Luckily, those who purchased titles with CinemaNow can still access them through other services.

And, while the service sometimes charged up to $5 more for a digital movie than competing services such as Amazon Video and iTunes, early partnerships with studios included exclusives and bonus material not available through other services.

As of now, search results for CinemaNow web pages may take you to a 500 Error such as this former New Release page from the Canadian version of the website. However, existing Google-indexed pages from redirect to the new streaming website (pictured below).


Image: Screenshot of – Aug. 8, 2017

London-based FilmOn (under the umbrella of FOTV), provides over 1,000 free streaming channels as well as premium and on demand content. The new website is essentially a mirror of, only with a slightly different brand utilizing the recognizable CinemaNow mark.



  1. Matthew Best

    I’ve spent over $1,000 on movies bought on Cinema Now, what the heck do I do now?

  2. Robert Dunn

    What about my account Credit? I had around $30 in credit from when my B&N Nook videos were moved to Cinema now. Are they going to send me a refund check for the credit?

  3. Anonymous

    Here is the inside scoop.

    The CinemaNow service no longer exists in any real capacity. All of the employees have been laid off, and no one knows if payments will be made to services which allow the platform to operate (which has been the case for several weeks).

    FilmOn in its year and a half of ownership did next to nothing to support the product and regularly failed to meet even the most minimal of promises to third parties which were integral to the success of CinemaNow. The dwindling amount on content, as well as UV’s departure from the service are all a result of FilmOn refusing to invest any resources into the company outside of the labor costs of the existing employees who struggled to provide a service worthy of customers time and money.

  4. Hi John. The titles you purchased with CinemaNow should have been registered with the UltraViolet database. So, you should be able to access them through other UV partner sites such as Fandango, Vudu, etc. Here is a list:

    • Debra

      You say that we should be able to access our CinemaNow account purchases through other UV partner sites like Fandango, Vudu, etc., but we don’t have an existing account with any of these partner sites. Are all of our purchases just gone?

      • Anonymous

        If you have UV content, simply creating an account on another UV content providers website (Vudu, FandangoNow, etc) and then logging into your UV account there should allow you to access your UV titles. If you have any problems with missing UV titles once you do this you should contact UV customer support.

  5. ADP

    I’m highly doubtful that anything tied exclusively to CinemaNow in its previous incarnation will be salvageable.

    Given the large changes we’re seeing in the UV digital retailing space, I’m just not sure the system will survive in it’s current form. Personally I am going to continue my digital purchases exclusively through iTunes until the studios sort out the now nearly 7-year old (!) licensing mess. My guess is that at some point the studios will have to capitulate to the likes of the Apples and Googles of the space.

  6. john

    the new cinema free is garbage old movies n tv shows spent 18$ for a month subscription only to cancel 2 hrs later , out 18 bucks live n learn but personally i think its misleading and i now have lost my movies i bought online with cinema now total BS

  7. Oscar

    Is there any information about how people with credits on their accounts will be compensated?

    • Hi Oscar. The support requests we have made all say the same thing — that they are “encountering serious problems that are proving difficult to resolve.” We don’t expect CinemaNow to come back as it was, but who knows? We’ll update the article with whatever we find out.

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