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‘Logan’ Blu-ray Steelbook Editions Sold Out

Logan-BestBuy-SteelBook-4k-Blu-rayIf you somehow got your hands on the exclusive Steelbook Edition of Logan from Best Buy you might think twice about opening it. Why? Both the Blu-ray and 4k Blu-ray editions are sold out online and in most stores as of today’s release date, making them a valuable commodity among fans of the film and comic book, as well as Steelbook collectors.

The editions are already selling for twice as much on eBay, and may go even higher as the week goes on. For example, a copy of the Best Buy Ultra HD Blu-ray Steelbook edition of Logan is currently at $51 with 17 hours to go as of this article’s publish time. A copy of the standard Blu-ray Steelbook edition stands at $42 with 19 hours to go.

To compare, the 4k Blu-ray Steelbook edition at Best Buy is priced at $26.99 (List: $29.99) , while the standard Blu-ray is selling for $21.99 (List: $26.99). But as mentioned above, both versions are listed as “Not Available” for shipping or to pick up in-store.

Target’s exclusive Blu-ray edition is also listed as “temporarily out of stock” to ship, but some copies may still be available in stores. And, the same goes for Walmart’s exclusive edition that may have some copies available to pick up, but is not available to ship from online orders.

Perhaps the Logan Steelbook package from Best Buy is so valuable because it features artwork from “Old Man Logan” comicbook illustrator Steve McNiven. Or, maybe Best Buy just didn’t produce enough copies of it. I was told the stores near our office only received 2 or 3 of the units. They were gone by noon on release day.

All Logan Blu-ray editions contain the film, extras, a digital copy, and black-and-white version of the film. If you want the full scoop check out this article detailing Logan exclusive retailer editions.

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  1. F’em if they don’t want to make enough to sell in store. That’s what torrents are for. I work a real job and can’t go wait in line for movies like this. Glad I saw the Noir version in the theater and I bought the HD version on Amazon so I’m good. This would have been nice to add to the collection but I guess they don’t really want my money. I tried to preorder online for instore pickup but it wouldn’t let me.


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