Cowboy Bebop: Complete Anime Series Blu-ray Only $28.99

Cowboy Bebop- Complete Series Blu-rayIf you’re a fan of Japanese anime and director Shinchiro Watanabe here’s a chance to get Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series on Blu-ray for just $28.99. That’s over 50% off the list price of $59.99! The 4-disc boxed set from Funimation includes all 26 episodes of the show along with plenty of extras and audio commentary in both Japanese and English. The series has been remastered to 1080p resolution with a Dolby TrueHD soundtrack in both English and Japanese. Total runtime of the episodes is 650 minutes while the extras extend 227 minutes. It’s a lot of animation for your buck! Head over to Amazon for more details.


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