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Here Are The DIRECTV NOW Launch Deals

directv-now-logo-blkAs you may have heard AT&T launched DIRECTV NOW, a new internet TV service that doesn’t require a long term contract, a service agreement with a cable company, or any fancy equipment. All it requires is a decent internet connection and device to view on.

Starting at $35 per month for over 60 channels, the new service has several deals we thought you should know about. If you’re thinking about jumping aboard, now is the best time.

A Free 7-Day Trial
Want to just try out DIRECTV NOW before buying? AT&T is offering a free 7-day trial. All you need is an email address and credit card on file. After the 7 days, you’ll be billed $35 per month (a special for their 100+ channel plan). By the way, you can also try out HBO and Cinemax for 7 days, and if you decide to keep each network they cost $5 each per month.

Free Apple TV 4th Generation
Been thinking about upgrading your Apple TV device? Those who sign up for DIRECTV NOW and pre-pay 3 months will get a free 4th Generation Apple TV (32GB model). The deal expires March 31, 2017.

Free Amazon Fire TV Stick
Similar to the Apple TV deal, AT&T is also offering a free Amazon Fire TV Stick (Reg. $39) to anyone who pre-pays just one month. The deal expires March 31, 2017.

100+ Channels Just $35 Per Month
DIRECTV NOW’s 100+ channel plan, named “Go Big,” is priced at $60 per month. But for a limited time those who sign up for the plan can get Go Big for $35 per month for as long as they stick with the plan.

1 Month With Lenovo Laptop Purchase
New customers can get one free month of DIRECTV NOW with the purchase of a Lenovo laptop with Intel Corei3, i5 or i7 processor.

DIRECTV NOW Free With LeEco Smartphones & TV
Those who purchase a LeEco Smartphones or TV can get free DIRECTV NOW service depending on product. Get 3 months with the purchase of Le S3 and Le Pro3 ecophones or Super4 X43 Pro ecotv, 6 months with Super4 X55 or Super4 X65 ecotvs, or 12 months with uMax8 ecotv.

DIRECTV NOW Service Plans

  • Live a Little$35 / month (60+ channels)
  • Just Right$50 / month (80+ channels)
  • Go Big$60 / month (100+ channels)
  • Gotta Have it$70 / month (120+ channels)

Editors Note: Updated with corrections. Nov. 30, 2016.

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  1. Update: Internet Explorer works in Directv Now if you you like an old grainy VHS video tape quality picture. AT&T must have some of the worse engineers in the business or they
    actually want the service to fail.

  2. You are being reserved in your comments about Directv Now. The problems I have encountered are horrific and I am not exaggerating. I signed up for the free Apple TV offer and 3 months of service. The first thing I learned after signing up was I could expect to get the Apple TV in 2 – 3 weeks! So what do I do in the meantime? There is no Roku app, so I would have to use my computer. It will not run on Mac 10.7 so I thought I would use one of my Windows PC’s . The first thing I discovered was I could not run it in Firefox and I would need to use Internet Explorer or Chrome. I installed Chrome and after doing multiple system updates I was able to get a fairly decent picture, albeit with frequent mini freezes of the audio and or video. Then today Directv Now pulled the rug from under me . Something they did overnight caused Chrome to stop working . I got into a chat with the so called tech support and when I mentioned the error code, the guy said Wow you must be using Chrome , I thought they would have gotten that fixed by now. He then said try Internet Explorer I understand that is working now. Paying to be a beta tester no matter what kind of “free” deals they offer is no good if you can’t watch the service!


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