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Apple Watch now supported by CinemaNow app [Revised]

applewatch-screens-cinemanowIf you’ve got an Apple Watch and the CinemaNow app for iOS devices, you might think about downloading the most recent update. Version 2.5.0 of CinemaNow integrates control from the Apple Watch, with features such as a simple remote control interface to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and rotate videos 30-degrees.

In addition, recently added titles are easily available with a Refresh button, and, you can initiate playback on iPhone, Apple TV, or Chromecast. The CinemaNow app update also includes Voice Search for titles within your digital video library.

Whether you have an AppleWatch or not, you might update the CinemaNow app simply because of the bug fixes and improved user interface design.

Other recent updates to the CinemaNow app include fixing an issue with Chromecast playback for rented titles, support for Airplay when the app is running in the background, and other bug and performance fixes.

After updating, the app requires a fresh sign-in with username and password.

CinemaNow is a digital movie service owned by Best Buy, that allows streaming or downloading of purchased movie titles. The service is compatible with the UltraViolet digital movie database, so titles you have redeemed with any UV-supporting service will show up in the CinemaNow library.

[Editor revision: CinemaNow was acquired by Reliance Majestic Holdings LLC from Best Buy in July of 2014.]

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