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DISH launches Netflix for Joey, Vevo on Hopper

Dish Network has launched Netflix for Joey clients with second-generation Hopper systems, allowing easy viewing of Netflix content in multiple rooms. The Netflix app will be available on connected Joey, Super Joey and Wireless Joey clients in the coming weeks.

“Now that DISH is expanding its Hopper experience with its Joey clients, our members will be able to start watching in the living room, pause and pick up right where they left off in the bedroom, and elsewhere in the home,” said Bill Holmes, Netflix global head of business development.

In addition to the launch of Netflix on Joey, Dish is also rolling out the Vevo app to second-generation Hoppers, which provides access to over 140,000 music videos. Dish says the app will also launch for first-generation Hoppers later this year.

Dish boasts being the first pay-TV service provider to provide customers with a whole-home Netflix experience, and the first to offer Vevo.

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