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Samsung premium SUHD 4k TVs Pricing & Availability


Samsung_SUHD_4k_SUHD_JS9500_Series_Curved_Smart_TVSamsung is releasing several new 4k TVs under their flagship “SUHD” brand this month, and many models are already available to purchase from $2,499 to $5,999. One thing that consumers are quick to ask is what the “S” means in SUHD, as opposed to the standard UHD for Ultra HD. Samsung hasn’t given an exact explanation for what it stands for, so the “S” could mean “Super” or “Samsung” or whatever you want it to mean. It’s more of a marketing strategy to help Samsung’s Ultra HD TVs stand out from the rest. However, the premium TVs do have some features that should be mentioned.

The SUHD TVs employ a new proprietary Cadmium-free nano-crystal technology for more range of color, contrast, and brightness. The sets feature Peak Illuminator technology behind the brightest regions of the picture. And, MultiZone Full Array Back Lighting adds expanded brightness levels across the entire screen. Also, specs indicate the SUHD models have an octa-core processor instead of the quad-core processor found in the UHD models.

Here’s a breakdown of basic specs and pricing for Samsung’s SUHD TVs.

Samsung 2015 SUHD Comparison & Price Chart

Series Model Type Size Resolution Type Refresh Smart TV Price
JS9100 UN78JS9100FXZA Curved SUHD 78″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $8,999.99
JS9500 UN65JS9500FXZA Curved SUHD 65″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $5,999.99
UN78JS9500FXZA Curved SUHD 78″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $9,999.99
UN88JS9500FXZA Curved SUHD 88″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $22,999.99
JS9000 UN48JS9000FXZA Curved SUHD 48″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $3,499.99
UN55JS9000FXZA Curved SUHD 55″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $3,999.99
UN65JS9000FXZA Curved SUHD 65″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $4,999.99
JS8500 UN48JS8500FXZA Flat SUHD 48″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $2,499.99
UN55JS8500FXZA Flat SUHD 55″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $3,999.99
UN65JS8500FXZA Flat SUHD 65″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes $3,999.99
JS850D UN65JS850DFXZA Flat SUHD 65″ 3840×2160 LED 240 Hz Yes NA

NA – Not available upon publication.

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  1. That’s a tough question because the 850D really isn’t available yet (at least from Samsung’s website).

    Noted differences are the 8500 has a Smart TV platform described as “Smart TV with Apps, S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser,” while the 850D is just described as having an Apps platform (but these may be details just not filled in yet for the 850D).

    As far as finish, the 8500 is available in Brushed Silver while the 850D says it will be available in Matt Dark Silver/Black.

    Other specs all seem to be the same.


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