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Saturday Night Live app launches for iPhone

snl-app-iphone-erasEver think of a “Saturday Night Live” sketch and want to show a friend right away?

NBC Entertainment has launched the SNL app for iPhones that provides access to thousands of sketches from the show’s 40 seasons. In addition, the app gives users access to never-before-seen video clips, an exclusive SNL Emoji keyboard (with favorites like Drunk Uncle and Mary Katherine Gallagher), and access to full episodes of the show by connecting with the NBC app.

When opening the SNL app the first time you are asked to log-in with Facebook. Then, the app asks you which era of the show you enjoy most (choose between categories such as Late 70’s, Early 80’s, etc.). But both of those steps can be skipped to quickly jump to the content.

A few popular recent sketches that show up upon first viewing without setting any preferences are “The Office: Middle Earth,” “Why’d You Post That?” and “Peter Pan Live.” Users can also Search, select Favorites, and Explore through all 40 SNL seasons by actor name.

NBC says the app is not optimized for iPad or iPhone 4s, and that iPhone 5 will give users the best experience. iOS 8.0 or higher is required for the app to install.

According to NBC Universal, an Android version of the app is on the way. However, they may have to contend with an already-released app with the “SNL” name that’s already been launched on Google Play.

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