Microsoft to sell Xbox One Kinect System Separately

xbox-one-kinect-angleMicrosoft has seen an increase in sales of Xbox One after dropping the price to $399, albeit without the Kinect system that was originally bundled with the console and sold for $499. Today we have learned Microsoft will sell the Kinect for Xbox One as a standalone system. But at $150, the peripheral will cost you more than if purchased in the bundle (with which the Kinect appears to be valued at $100). What may reduce the shock of a $150 Kinect system, however, is that Microsoft plans to include a free download of ‘Dance Central Spotlight’ (List Price: $49.99) with the purchase of the standalone Kinect for Xbox One. Either way, potential Xbox One owners at least have options, and the $100 price drop opens the door for more buyers. When Xbox One released last year there were no other options than the bundled system, and may have resulted in gamers jumping into a PlayStation 4 system for $100 less, even if former Xbox 360 users.



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