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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD 43% off List Price

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Blu-ray DVD Digital HDWhy pay full price for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire when it releases to stores when you can pre-order at up to 43-percent off? Amazon has currently got The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Blu-ray/DVD/UV Digital Copy for just $22.99 (List: $39.99). If you don’t want the film in high-def, the DVD edition with UV Digital Copy is $19.99 (List: $29.99). Plus, Amazon gives you their pre-order price guarantee, ensuring if the price does drop any lower you’ll pay that price up to ship date.

Since we focus on high-definition here, we suggest The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Blu-ray Edition for just an extra $3. The two-disc Bu-ray Combo set from Lionsgate also includes access to download a Digital HD Copy of the movie via UltraViolet access code.

Lionsgate hasn’t provided an official release date yet. And, we don’t know how long pre-order price will be valid. So jump over to Amazon to pick up The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Blu-ray Combo while the sale is on.

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  1. UV = crap… So glad paramount and Disney still give you actual digital downloads via iTunes so you can store them on your computer and upload them to your mobile devices as you see fit, UV is as big of a misstep as HD-DVDs were.

    • That’s your personal opinion, mine is that not everyone has an iDevice and not everybody uses Tunes. UV is a good alternative. I can view via Flixster or Vudu and I’m not tied down to watching on one device. I can stream or download to any device I own, watch in HD and have up to 5 users per account so I can share with my family and friends. Digital downloads were good but limited… bit like an iDevice really.


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