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PS4 app will turn mobile devices into second screen or controller

sony ps4We’re less than two months away from the North American launch of the PlayStation 4 (11/15 in the US, 11/29 in Europe), and Sony is amping up the interest in its next console. The latest dangling carrot comes in the form of details about the PlayStation app for iOS and Android devices that’s also due in November. Sony says the app will allow gamers to use their phone or tablet as a controller or function as a second screen to backup the main action on their TVs.

Perhaps the most unique function of the app will be the ability to tap into the PlayStation Network and remotely view what other gamers are playing. The app will also have access to the PSN and Sony’s vast library of games and video content. Social media elements and chat abilities will round out the package.

The hopes are certainly high for the PS4, as this week CEO Andrew House said they hope to reach 5 million shipments by March 2014. That’d make for a whopping 40% better sales clip than the PS3 saw in 2006-07.

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Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.


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