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Toshiba to ship 4K “Ultra HD” HDTVs in August

Toshiba-4k-ultra-hdtv-58L9300U_angle_LT45Following their presentation at CES 2013, Toshiba has delivered on their promise of a summer shipment of 4k HDTVs. In August, the company will deliver three 4k Ultra HD TV models in 58-inch, 65-inch, and 84-inch screen sizes. The Toshiba L9300U series are powered by the company’s proprietary CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core Processor, and utilize Resolution Restoration technology to upscale non-4k content. Suggested retail prices were also revealed (see below).

The L9300U series feature ClearScan 240Hz for smoother fast moving video, image enhancements and picture controls with CQ Engine, and improved image resolution with Color and Depth Adaptive Resolution+ technology.

The line of 4k Ultra HD TVs from Toshiba also feature Advanced Cloud TV adding the ability to stream news, share calendars and media, and message with family and friends.

“While the content creators work to create more 4K content and figure out how to distribute it, consumers can still enjoy the clearer, more natural and lifelike images on a 4K Ultra HD TV,” said Scott Ramirez of Toshiba America Information Systems.

The Toshiba L9300U 4K Ultra HD TV Series are priced as below.

58-inch $4,999 MSRP
65-inch $6,999 MSRP
84-inch $16,999 MSRP

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