New trailers for Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar is out today with three new trailers for their forthcoming blockbuster, Grand Theft V. This much is apparent: You won’t be playing as a nice guy(s). The three protagonists, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, each get their own video, featuring a a little over a minute’s worth of in-game cutscenes–no gameplay footage yet.

Michael appears to be a father and husband who’s going through a midlife crisis, which naturally leads to him to robbing banks and taking people out with a sniper rifle. Franklin comes from the hood and is seen beefing with his gang-affiliated friends before he’s shown blowing someone away with a shotgun. And Trevor is the hillbilly loose nut with a penchant for — you guessed it — unhinged violence! GTA V will be released September 17 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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