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Roku gets live Time Warner Cable channels – no cable box needed

Time Warner Cable is now allowing subscribers access to programing via Roku media players without the need for a set-top cable box. (You will, however, need an authorized modem and internet service.) Using the TWC app, subscribers with Roku players can browse content by titles, genres, and favorites. There are also parental controls built into the free app. The Roku is actually the first TV-connected device to allowing streaming of Time Warner Cable television.

Although robust and free-of-charge for TWC subscribers, the Roku app is currently only available for live television feeds. Roku says a video-on-demand feature will be added in the near future.

Just this week Roku launched the Roku 3, an upgraded player built to support 1080p and comes with a new motion-based controller for games.

Last month, the company announced Blockbuster On Demand availability on Roku devices.

Roku devices supporting the Time Warner Cable app include the new Roku 3, Roku HD(model 2500), Roku 2, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku LT.

Source: Roku Blog

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  1. I think we are supposed to get our local stations with this channel lineup. It is supposed to be the same as with the box but my local channels are not coming through as yet. Called them and as usual no one knows anything. The guy that answered the phone did not even know they had partnered with Roku or at least he wanted me to tell him first before he admitted to it. Typical of them. Everything is a big secret. They think their customers are idiots and really we are to pay the prices we pay for their stupid programming. Anyway, I am sure they still want to scalp us with monthly fees even though we will not need our boxes anymore or all the cable. If that is the case, I am sure it will only be a short time now that we will be able to pick and choose whom we want as our media provider and this will throw more competition into the media market place, something that his direly needed.


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