DirecTV & Viacom end channel blackout

20120721-071601.jpgEarly yesterday DirecTV restored access to all Viacom channels after a nine day blackout that started on July 10. The deal not only brought back all the Viacom channels that we’re pulled, both in standard and high definition, but also allows DirecTV customers to access the programming online. Called “TV Everywhere,” the service allows subscribers to sign-in to stream live TV shows such as “Jersey Shore. ” DirecTV will apparently be paying $600 million in the deal, which will be good for seven years, according to inside sources. DirecTV previously claimed Viacom wanted more than $1 billion. EPIX channel, which DirecTV said was being forced on them by Viacom, was not included in the deal. Viacom must be holding out for more $ to carry the joint-owned channel.

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