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Netflix for Xbox gets update, but…

If you’re one of the many who seemed to think the Netflix user interface on the Xbox 360 got worse when the fall dashboard update arrived last year, don’t get your hopes up with today’s headline–the things you didn’t like then haven’t been fixed now. Today’s update includes improved video contrast and black levels, the ability to skip forward and backward during playback, and a zoom feature to fill the screen if you’re watching on a (gasp) 4:3 TV. Signing on with multiple consoles is also going to be easier by using your cloud profile. Get all the details from Xbox Live’s Major Nelson here. But many of the issues people complained about have not been addressed.

Video playback still starts as soon as you select a title, making for an always awkward process of choosing an episode. Plus, Xbox Live party viewing is still a no-show. And for you credits watchers out there, you’re still getting the shaft when the video ends, as the screen shrinks to show you your next viewing options.

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Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.


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