Netflix “Just for Kids” library launches for PS3

You may have noticed over the past few days a new Netflix interface via the PS3. Yesterday, Netflix officially introduced the new interface which asks you which experience you’d like upon launching the app – Netflix or Netflix “Just for Kids.” On the left, there’s a large square with the traditional Netflix logo on red. On the right, a white box with animation characters like Phineas and Ferb clearly indicating kid-friendly programming. The “Just for Kids” library was actually launched back in August 2011, but was only a navigation option once already immersed in the Netflix interface. Now, it’s a choice a user needs to make before viewing the Netflix library. This is an interesting move for Netflix, who clearly must have a good understanding of what their customers want. Most parents wouldn’t want their kids scrolling through all the titles available in the Netflix streaming library, which range in rating from G to R, as well as “Unrated” titles. Having the “Just for Kids” library will surely ease the stress of your kid accidentally watching an inappropriate film.

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