Time Warner Cable launches new HD channels in North & South Carolina

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Time Warner Cable has launched five new HD channels for customers in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas. The new high definition channels rolled out on November 3 and are available at no extra charge to digital subscribers. Among the bunch are The Weather Channel HD, G4 HD, Cooking Channel HD, DIY HD, an FEARnet HD. For a breakdown of channel listings please see below. Time Warner Cable says they now offer over 160 HD channels in North Carolina and South Carolina markets.

Here’s a list of Time Warner Cable’s new HD channels:

  • The Weather Channel HD (Channel 1418)
  • G4 HD (Channel 1311)
  • Cooking Channel HD (Channel 1353)
  • DIY HD (Channel 1356)
  • FEARnet HD (Channel 1644)

Time Warner Cable serves customers in 28 states and has 31 operating divisions. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Manhattan, New York.


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