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Free HD sneak peak videos on Amazon

Wanna take a look at Amazon’s HD quality video? Amazon has several sneak peeks and trailers available to view for free. The video clips are typically short, but you can get an idea of the quality without paying. Once the title is added to your Video Library you can play on your PC or compatible device. We checked out “Terra Nova” trailer which was streaming at about 1300kbps. Make sure you click on HD (720p) otherwise they might just feed you 480p. The streaming player also indicates your connection speed – which for this particular test the speed was “Medium.”

Free HD sneak peak videos on Amazon

  • The Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer [HD] $0.00
  • Grimm Sneak Peek [HD] $0.00
  • Breaking Bad Season 4 Sneak Peek [HD] $0.00
  • American Horror Story Sneak Peek [HD] $0.00
  • Terra Nova Sneak Peek [HD] $0.00
  • Whitney Pilot [HD] $0.00

Amazon also has quite a few standard-definition videos to choose from in the “Free” Instant Video category.

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