DirecTV subscribers may lose Fox channels

In yet another carriage dispute that really does nothing for TV viewers except piss them off, DirecTV is threatening to pull the plug on Fox channels citing demands from Fox for 40% more in subscription fees. Fox responded in saying DirecTV took an offensive approach by launching the website OurPromiseToYou and threatening to pull the channels as early as November 1. Fox has responded by launching the website KeepMyNets which defends their position. Popular Fox channels FX, SPEED, National Geographic Channel, FOX Soccer channels, and FOX regional sports channels among others would be no longer available to DirecTV subscribers if the two parties cannot come to terms.


  1. Forget it; I would switch carriers in a second if I had DirecTV and they were taking away my FX and National Geographic, not to mention Fox Soccer too?! I was so relieved when DISH Network worked out keeping FOX with my employee service and I would trust them way more than DirecTV in keeping prices low.


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