Verizon now streaming ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and Buzzer Beater

Starting today, Feb. 17, if you’re a Verizon FiOS TV customer you’ll be able to stream ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and Buzzer Beater to your computer from or using your Verizon username and password.

To find the programming on the Verizon website, look for the FiOS TV Online tab and scroll down to the very bottom row containing ESPN shows. Click “Watch Online” and you’ll get a bunch of shows to select from. Once you select a stream you can adjust the quality according to how fast your bandwidth is (see bottom right of screen shots taken).

The added service is part of a larger deal Verizon struck with Walt Disney Co. which includes Disney cable channels ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney XD, and the soon-to-launch network Disney Junior.

The deal also includes retransmissions of local signals from 10 ABC broadcast stations — allowing Disney to collect fees from Verizon for over-the-air signals.

The online service from Verizon features picture-in-picture mode, allowing you to watch more than one program at a time. Verizon says the ability to watch the programming online using tablets and smartphones is in the near future.

“From today forward, FiOS TV customers can choose to watch ESPN on their big screen or on their computer screen – it’s a real sea change in our business and an indication of where our industry is heading,” said David Preschlack, executive vice president, Disney and ESPN Media Networks.

Financial terms were not disclosed by the companies.

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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