Lionsgate and Studiocanal to distribute Miramax titles

Miramax films such as Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting and Kill Bill Volumes I and II will now be distributed by Lionsgate and Studiocanal, after a long-term agreement was signed between the parties. The deal includes over 550 titles from the Miramax library of films.

Home distribution methods include DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Video On Demand via internet, and VOD via cable internationally. Lionsgate will partner with Studiocanal to distribute the Miramax titles in the UK and Europe.

Other popular Miramax titles included in the agreement include The English Patient, Shakespeare In Love, Chicago, Life Is Beautiful, and No Country For Old Men. The first release under the agreement will be The Switch in the US.

“The Miramax slate is a perfect fit for Studiocanal’s core values and vision and we believe it will resonate with European audiences,” said Olivier Courson, Chief Executive Officer of Studiocanal.

“With their expertise and success in the home entertainment marketplace, we consider both Lionsgate and Studiocanal to be the perfect partners to distribute these films,” says Mike Lang, Chief Executive Officer of Miramax.

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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