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Netflix removes DVD Queue from streaming apps – a bad idea?

Netflix has said it is removing the the “Add to DVD Queue” from streaming devices, which would force you to log-on to your computer to manage your DVD/Blu-ray Disc queue. Bad idea? We think so. And, so do many of the 400 who have already commented on the Netflix blog.

Product Manager Jamie Odell says the “[Add to DVD Queue] complicates the instant watching experience and ties up resources that are better used to improve the overall streaming functionality.” But it seems a heck of a lot more complicated to have to go to your PC to set up your DVDs-by-mail.

Is Netflix thinking about moving soon to a streaming-only business model and already making pre-emptive strikes as some customers have theorized? It’s doubtful. Netflix made their fame by offering DVDs-by-mail and it seems hard to believe that business would be going away any time soon. (And remember, Redbox kiosks can only hold so many discs.)

This isn’t the first time Netflix has made decisions that customers don’t agree with. Remember the removal of the “Friends” link? And, remember the uproar when Canadians got a streaming-only service?

I have no idea how a simple link to add a DVD to a queue could complicate the instant watching experience. It completely makes sense to add a movie to be sent by mail if it isn’t available to stream. Especially, if the title isn’t available in HD. Is Netflix hiding something else?


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