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Verizon adds on-demand titles from SnagFilms

Verizon has added titles from SnagFilms to FiOS TV’s video-on-demand library. The ten award-winning documentary films will cost $4.99 each and include titles such as A Galaxy Far, Far Away (a Star Wars fan-based documentary), Mondo Hollywood (a documentary of the psychedelic 1960s), and Farther Than The Eye Can See (Eric Weihenmayer’s renowned climb to the summit of Mt. Everest).

“We are delighted to bring a special selection of our documentary films to FiOS TV customers on demand, extending our mission to make great films available to the broadest audience via the best possible delivery platforms,” said SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen.

The new titles can be found in the SnagFilms category under “Foreign & Indies” in FiOS TVs video-on-demand library. Verizon did not say if the films will be available in HD. Please let us know in the comments if HD quality is available in your VOD library.

The first SnagFilms titles to be added to the FiOS TV on demand library include:

  • ‘A Galaxy Far, Far Away’ – A look at the world of STAR WARS fans, including conventions, nationwide premieres, the homes of devoted fans showing off their treasures, and box office ticket lines of die-hard fans who waited eagerly for 42 days to buy tickets.
  • ‘Ballad of Bering Strait’ – Seven Russian teenagers come to America to become country music stars.
  • ‘Farther Than The Eye Can See’ – One of the top adventure films of all time, featuring blind climber Eric Weihenmayer’s renowned climb to the summit of Mt. Everest.
  • ‘Mondo Hollywood’ – The underground cult classic documentary of the psychedelic 1960s.
  • ‘Needle Through Brick’ – A film about the struggle for survival of traditional art and culture in the face of a rapidly changing and modernizing world.
  • ‘Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown’ – This film takes a look at the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind – fear – and the oldest and strongest kind of fear, which is fear of the unknown.
  • ‘Yoga, Inc.’ – A documentary that asks whether yoga can survive big business with its good karma intact.
  • ‘Independent America’ – The story of the frustrating, spirited battle of a people dedicated to bringing their communities back to life.
  • ‘From the Mara to the Marathon’ – Anthony Edwards travels to the Maasai Mara in Kenya to bring a Maasai to run in the New York City Marathon.
  • ‘Pond Hockey’ – This film chronicles the changing culture of hockey from the open ice to climate-controlled arenas.


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