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Prince of Persia on Blu-ray won’t have much extra footage

It seems strange that filmmakers would not have much extra footage these days, when scenes can be shot digitally and the price of film is not a factor. But that is what Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time director Mike Newell is saying about the possibility of extra footage on the upcoming Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases.

Via Home Media Magazine, Newell says he added layers upon layers into the theatrical release the film, rather than cutting footage out, because that is how a Jerry Bruckheimer film (the film’s producer) would be made.

However, Newell responded to the lack of deleted and extra footage saying, “we always add things that are fun and interesting for you guys to look at.”

Bruckheimer has had a recent run of film “duds” including a weak theatrical opening for “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and other recent films “G-Force” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” But even though an LA Times blog says “the knives are out for the veteran producer,” “Prince of Persia” has made $325.7 million worldwide ($90M U.S.) on a $200M budget.

Does a lack of deleted scenes and extra footage influence whether you would buy a disc release or not?

Jeff Chabot
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  1. I don’t care so much about the extras as long as the movie is good. if the movie is bad, then extras and deleted scenes help. But I do like extended or alternate scenes that the director may include. Like Close Encounters which offered 3 different versions. The director’s version was more true to his (Spielberg’s) vision. On the other hand, I liked the theatrical version of The Abyss more than the director’s cut which showed much more of the underwater aliens. anyway, just my two cents.


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