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Apple customer gets iPhone 4 early

Here’s a video from an Apple customer who says they got their iPhone 4 two days early. UPS mistake? Delivered to early to be activated anyway? Well apparently Apple has already activated their servers and the new iPhone is ready to rock in anticipation of the actual release on June 24. We can’t wait to try out the new HD video at 720p 30fps and FaceTime video chat camera.

Pre-order iPhone 4 sales have been impressive (600,000 to date), with expectations to sell over 10 million by the end of 2010. While the 3GS model has sold about 50 million units since release, apparently Apple has ordered enough parts from Asia Optical to ship approximately 9 million units per quarter – which could easily outsell the 3GS.

The iPhone 4 will also be readily available at more retailers besides AT&T and Apple. Wal-Mart said they will carry the new iPhone (and is most noted for selling the iPhone 3GS 16GB for $97) as well as Radio Shack and Best Buy, making purchasing the iPhone much more convenient (almost as convenient as fast food).

But what about phone service plans? What if you don’t have AT&T? Rumors are that AT&T’s exclusive rights to the mobile contracts may not continue for long. On the other side of the pond, there are now five service carriers in the UK that support iPhone.


  1. I didnt order one yet cause my 3GS still works find and i kinda like how my phone is a bit thicker. the new one looks too thin and will drop all the time unless you have it in a case. i have the itouch that is that skinny and hard to hold on to. get a rubber grip right away though and sholdnt be a prob.

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