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Apple sells pricey unlocked iPhones

Apple has started selling unlocked iPhone 4 models on their website, but the flexibility and freedom of having an unlocked phone comes at a price. The 16GB iPhone 4 is selling for $649 while the 32GB is selling for $749 -- prices two to three times more than the price of locked phones with multiyear contracts.

Apple releases white iPhone

Apple has released a "white" version of the popular iPhone 4. Just like the black phone, the white iPhone is offered in both 16GB and 32GB models for both AT&T and Verizon service. The 16GB version starts at $199 and the 32GB for $299 with a two-year agreement with either carrier. The iPhone 4 features FaceTime, 960x640 retina display, HD video recording, and 5-megapixel still camera.

iPhone 4 for Verizon hits shelves

Verizon is now stocking their shelves with the iPhone 4. The company recently announced it was setting aside a limited amount of the Apple...

Verizon sets aside iPhones for existing customers

Verizon has announced it's setting aside a limited amount of Apple iPhone 4 devices for existing customers to pre-order. Those who already have Verizon...

iPhone for Verizon available in February

Verizon and Apple announced the iPhone will finally be available for Verizon Wireless customers starting Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011. The iPhone 4 will sell...

iPhone 4 now available in 17 more countries

Apple's iPhone 4 is now available in 17 more countries. The phone can now be purchased in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong...

iPhone4 – get a free case or full refund

Apple's Steve Jobs gave a quickly put together press conference today in Cupertino addressing the iPhone's apparent "design flaw." The problem with the iPhone,...

iPhone 4 sells 1.7 million while Jobs apologizes

Apple says 1.7 million iPhones have been sold within 3 days, while Steve Jobs apologizes to customers about not having enough in supply. Pre-orders...

Apple customer gets iPhone 4 early

Here's a video from an Apple customer who says they got their iPhone 4 two days early. UPS mistake? Delivered to early to be...

iPhone 4 highlights include HD video

Steve Jobs was in San Francisco today presenting the 4th-gen iPhone at Appleā€™s World Wide Developers Conference. One highlight of the new iPhone is...