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Dish Network adds 9 new hi-def channels, launches Fox Soccer Channel HD

dish-network-sign-logoDish Network has added 9 new HD channels to its national lineup, including Fox Soccer Channel HD which launched today (Feb. 11) exclusively to Dish customers. The new channel can be found on Dish 149 if you have Dish’s America’s Top 250 package.

However, as TVPredictions reports, the channels are only available to customers with the Dish 1000 system. And, customers in the East must have a Dish 1000.4 system. Multichannel gives more details on the issue, which according to their report leaves many Dish customers without the channels.

The new HD channels (exclusive to Dish Network) include Fox Soccer Channel HD, Sportsman HD, Hallmark Channel HD, IndiePlex HD and RetroPlex HD.

The other added HD channels (available with other service providers) include E! HD, truTV HD, BBC America HD and SHOWTIME (West) HD.

Dish says it now has over 160 HD channels. However, like competitor DirecTV, the total HD channel count begs for clarification — one that does not include PPV or select HD programs.

Here are details from Dish on which service packages the channels are available in:

“E! HD is available in the America’s Top 120 Package. BBC America HD, Hallmark Channel HD and truTV HD are located in the America’s Top 200 Package; Fox Soccer Channel HD and Sportsman HD are offered in the America’s Top 250 Package; SHOWTIME (West) HD is located in the Showtime Unlimited Package; and IndiePlex HD and RetroPlex HD are in the PlatinumHD Package. Access to all HD channels requires a subscription to HD programming.”

Jeff Chabot
Jeff Chabot
Jeff has a background in photography, video and television production. He writes about technology, broadcasting, home theater, and digital entertainment.


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