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Sodium One space arrives on PlayStation Home

playstation-home-logoInside Sony’s new social gaming world called Sodium One (S1) you’ll find a 50-level combat shooter game called Salt Shooter. The game lets you collect items to level-up gameplay and customize your hovertank. You can also search for the code that unlocks the full version of Salt Shooter.

Sony has made available a limited amount of voucher codes for 1,050 members (150 per day) who can unlock the entire Salt Shooter game. If you enter the space between Dec. 17 and Dec. 23 (via the World Map) you can interact with VICKIE (an AI droid) to possibly get the code.

Log-in to the PlayStation Network. When you get to PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza look for a space-age looking teleport looking thing which will ask you to download the Sodium Hub (32.4 MB). Once you get there you will find VICKIE at the entrance.

There is a Salt Shooter tank training ground to the left of VICKIE. You can play the first 5 levels of the 50-level Salt Shooter for free. If you purchase the game you’ll find that level 40 contains the first “Reaper” (or boss vehicle) and level 50 makes it even more powerful.

Other games include the Scorpion Stomp mini game (were you stomp scorpions out of existence) and the Desert Quench mini game (where you play as a bartender).

Sodium One is developed by Outso Ltd. and published by Lockwood Publishing Ltd.

Check out the trailer below:

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