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Serious Sam HD coming to PC on November 24th

serious sam hdThe original Serious Sam is one of my favorite FPS games. I remember being blown away by the number of enemies Croteam managed to get on the screen simultaneously. Serious Sam: The First Encounter captures the pure joy of shooting crazy enemies with crazy weapons with your crazy friends watching your back. Croteam’s newest game, Serious Sam HD, is a remake of the original Serious Sam rendered in full high definition.

Serious Sam HD has been available for pre-order on Steam for a while, but I was afraid to bite without a solid release date. Thankfully, Eurogamer just posted an exclusive launch date trailer that confirms a November 24th release date for the PC. Serious Sam HD is also landing on XBLA, but that Xbox 360 release date is still unknown.

For me, the most exciting part of this Serious Sam remake next to the HD visuals is the 16 player Co-Op. I don’t exactly know 16 people who like shooting pixels in the face as much as I do, but it’s nice to have options. If I had a kid, her next birthday party would have a Serious Sam theme. Oh, she could cry all she wanted about ponies and dresses or whatever, but she’d end up giggling at those enemies that have bombs for hands while I taught her how to circle strafe. For that last sentence, I was assuming that crying sounds a lot like giggling when the room is filled with the sounds of screams and explosions.

You can grab Serious Sam HD off of Steam right now for the discounted price of $17.99 before the November 24th release. If anyone wants to try and get a 16 player team together, let me know.

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