Dish Network not carrying the Superbowl?

According to WJAC of Johnstown, PA, Dish Network will not carry their broadcast of the upcoming Superbowl in HD. Dish Network says they are ready to carry the station’s standard-definition broadcast of the game, but not the high-definition broadcast.

However, the chief engineer at WJAC says the high-definition feed is ready and already broadcasting on UHF channel 34 (or digital channel 6.1). And, the station says local cable providers and DirecTV are already carrying the channel in HD.

An engineer at Dish Network apparently said WJAC is not ready to carry the Superbowl in HD.

In other Dish Network news, the satellite television provider added 1080p to their IP-VOD service, allowing subscribers with an MPEG-4 HD DVR to get 1080p programming.

A&E will be the first to provide a TV series in the 1080p format, starting with their new series “The Beast.”

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