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PlayStation Home gets an update

playstation homeIt may feel more like a rollercoaster than a community experience for PlayStation 3 owners with all of the recent updates for Home. First Home was released and users weren’t able to connect. Then Home was updated so that users could connect. Then Sony took away voice chat, but promised it would be back eventually. Well, today Sony has released its latest in a string of updates – patch version 1.05.

Version 1.05 restores voice chat and updates functionality within users’ personal spaces (apartments). It appears as though users can now (as was promised by Sony) bring others into their apartments or clubhouses, converse via the updated voice chat, and generally enjoy all of the utilities available outside of said apartments or clubhouses.

One thing to take away from this rollercoaster of updates is that Sony seems to be paying extremely close attention to the user experience within Home. If they release a function or utility that doesn’t work as the population expects it to, they have been very quick to address the issue and fix it.

Home may not be perfect yet, but Sony is sure trying everything in its considerable power to get there. Constant updates seem like a hassle now but, hopefully, it will ensure a better experience in the future.



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