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PS3 update supports full-screen Flash video

The new PS3 firmware update released yesterday will allow you to watch YouTube, Hulu and other internet video content encoded in Flash. The system software version 2.53 includes full-screen mode for Flash Player in the browser. Recent updates (with 2.50 and 2.52) included power save and sequential playback settings, video scene search, and blu-ray chroma up-sampling.

An article from CNET for which they tested the update came to the conclusion that the update was not quite ready for full-screen mode. In their tests, both Hulu and YouTube video content was either choppy or missing video. Their test of full-screen mode also resulted in a crash while exiting the browser.

While the Flash support is a worthwhile feature, I can’t imagine downloading a 130Mb upgrade just to look at poor quality videos through your Playstation. My advice is just watch internet videos on your PC until there is a major improvement in quality.


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