Comcast offers 1000 HD VOD choices

Comcast now houses an impressive HD library with the announcement today they are now serving over 1000 HD VOD (Video-On-Demand) titles. Included in the offerings are all the James Bond movies in HD for the first time on-demand, and some special content from the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, scheduled for release next month.

“Consumers can’t get enough HD, so we’re now offering over a thousand HD choices, five times more than last year,”  said Derek Harrar, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Video Services for Comcast. He added, “However, it’s not just about HD volume, but about having the highest-quality content consumers really want, whether they want to watch live or on their schedule.”

According to the press release, the proportion of viewing time spent with HD has increased close to 50-percent in the last four years. In addition, Comcast says over the next three years the total number of HD households receiving HD service is expected to increase by 90 percent, the equivalent or 53 million households.

Comcast currently serves 24.6 million cable customers and has investments in E! Entertainment Television, Style Network, The Golf Channel, VERSUS, G4, PBS KIDS Sprout, TV One, ten Comcast SportsNets networks and Comcast Interactive Media.

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