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Twitter and Comcast strike deal for direct viewing from Tweets

TwitterComcast and NBC Universal announced a deal today that should have the Twittersphere trending it with hashtags #ablazin’.  In a strategic partnership between the newly public company, the recently merged media conglomerate, and the old school content producer, Twitter users will be able to see expanded tweets about NBCUniversal shows such as The Voice and Sunday Night Football and be able to either record or watch those shows directly from the tweet through either an enabled set-top box, HDTV or mobile device.  Comcast says the feature, called “See It“, will be rolled out in November of this year to Comcast Xfinity cable subscribers.

Comcast Cable’s Chief Business Development Officer, Sam Schwartz, described the logic behind the deal:

In a typical week, #thevoice generates more than 350,000,000 Twitter impressions.  What’s missing is how to seamlessly move from that conversation to consumption.  And that’s where See It comes in.

By linking a Twitter and Xfinity cable account together, users will be able to access a pretty impressive subset of features, including the ability to:

  • Tune to live TV or start a show On Demand via a set-top box
  • Tune in to a show online or via an enabled mobile device
  • Set Comcast DVRs
  • Set a reminder to watch the show later; and…
  • Buy theater tickets through Fandango (interesting use of synergy there, Comcast)

Schwartz also described Twitter and Comcast’s ambitious plans for the feature, hinting that Comcast would like to include the feature on other social networks and websites… pretty much any place NBCUniversal TV shows and movies might get mentioned:

In early 2014, we’ll also add other video distributors to See It; tweets with See It buttons will be available for shows on multiple networks; and, the feature will be available on sites and apps across the web.

While the ability to watch shows will be limited to those who are Xfinity subscribers, there’s no telling, with the increasingly non-traditional way television distribution is being shaped, that Comcast might expand the Twittercentric utility to a wider, general audience on the social media service.

Comcast Cable’s Schwartz already indicated as much by saying that the Xfinity platform is currently the beta test version of the feature.  He also stated that NBCUniversal will use Twitter’s Amplify program to expand their sponsorship opportunities for “near real-time video highlights of events or shows.”


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