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Dish to add 17 HD channels Aug. 1

Dish Network surprised everyone with an early announcement Thursday to add an additional 17 HD (high-definition) channels to their lineup. The network originally promised to reach a capacity of 100 HD channels by years end, but has done it much earlier. In addition, Dish Network will start selling HD only packages. The new “turbo” service will range from $25-$55 a month.

For the hi-def aficionado, the HD only service packages are ideal. Why pay for channels that you can’t bring your eyes to watch? Other TV service providers may follow Dish’s lead, who also starting selling a digital-to-analog converter (DTVPal) which allows older non-digital televisions to receive digital broadcasts (outside of the Dish channel spectrum.)

The Dallas Morning News reported on Friday that Dish Network will be adding the 17 HD channels on August 1. The article also mentioned the additions will put their total number of HD channels over 100, although this was not confirmed by HD-Report.

The 17 new HD channels added to the Texas areas (mainly HBO and Starz variants) include:

· ActionMax HD (DISH Network Ch. 313)
· CBS College Sports HD (Ch. 152)
· Lifetime HD (Ch. 108)
· Lifetime Movie Network HD (Ch. 109)
· Planet Green HD (Ch. 194)
· Encore HD (Ch. 340)
· HBO 2 HD (Ch. 301)
· HBO Comedy HD (Ch. 307)
· HBO Family HD (Ch. 305)
· HBO Latino HD (Ch. 309)
· HBO Signature HD (Ch. 302
· HBO West HD (Ch. 303)
· HBO Zone HD (Ch. 308)
· Starz Comedy HD (Ch. 354)
· Starz Edge HD (Ch. 352)
· Starz Kids & Family HD (Ch. 356)
· Starz West HD (Ch. 351


  1. Its junk I agree, we lost a bunch of cool channles from Voom just to have this garbage? Im thinking of switching to DirecTV

  2. The 100 channels is highly misleading. About forty of those are reserved from Sports shows and there is hardly ever anything on them. It’s a waste of time to have to flip through all those “dead” channels when looking for something to watch. And some of the channels are just crap. I don’t know why HMC (The Hallmark channel). They show everything in standard screen size. Movies are pan and scan. Useless!!


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