DISH steps up HD channel offerings

Yesterday, satellite television provider DISH Network launched twenty new HD (high-definition) channels. The new channels will make the network more competitive with rival DIRECTV and competing cable and fiber-optic television providers. On Wednesday, two more channels will be added which include Comcast Sports Network Bay Area HD and Comcast Sports Network New England HD.

The list of new HD channels available from DISH Network this week include:

ABC Family HD (DISH Network Ch. 180)
Biography HD (Ch. 119)
Bravo HD (Ch. 129)
Cartoon HD (Ch. 176)
Cinemax 5 Star (Ch. 381)
Cinemax HD West (Ch. 380)
Comcast Sports Network Bay Area HD (Ch. 419)
Comcast Sports Network New England HD (Ch. 435)
CNBC HD (Ch. 208)
CNN HD (Ch. 200)
Disney HD East (Ch. 172)
ESPNews HD (Ch. 142)
Hallmark Movie Channel HD (Ch. 187)
MGM HD (Ch. 385)
Sci Fi HD (Ch. 122)
Smithsonian HD (Ch. 374)
Tennis Channel HD (Ch. 400)
Toon Disney HD (Ch. 174)
Travel Channel HD (Ch. 215)
USA HD (Ch. 105)
Weather Channel HD (Ch. 214)
World Fishing Network HD (Ch. 396)


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