Oregon gets more HD choices with Comcast

Today Comcast announced it would be adding eleven new HD (high-definition) channels in the Oregon and SW Washington market. The new channels will include Disney Channel HD, ABC Family Channel HD, Discovery Channel HD, TLC HD, Science Channel HD, Food Network HD, Animal Planet HD, SciFi HD, CNN HD, AMC HD, and TBS HD.

The company also announced the launch of “AnyRoom” On Demand, which allows digital subscribers to start an On Demand movie in one room, and continue in any other room that has a digital cable box.

The new channel lineup is as follows:

  • Disney Channel HD (741)
  • ABC Family HD (739)
  • TBS HD (755)
  • Discovery Channel HD (707)
  • Science Channel HD (772)
  • Food Network HD (766)
  • SciFi HD (759)
  • Animal Planet HD (743)
  • TLC HD (738)
  • CNN HD (744)
  • AMC HD (771)
  • NHL Network (418)

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