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“Torchwood” to debut in HD on HDNet

A spin-off of the well known science fiction show “Dr. Who”, HDNet will premiere “Torchwood” in high definition (HD) on Monday, September 17th at 7pm Eastern Time.

torchwood“Torchwood” is the name of a renegade group of investigators who use alien technologies to solve crimes. Set in Cardiff, Wales, the series follows the actions of the Torchwood Institute, who delve into the unknown fraught with dangerous and mysterious aliens. The series set ranking records in the U.K., scoring higher than the U.S. hit series “Lost” when placed in the same time slot.

HDNet acquired the rights to the first twenty-six episodes of “Torchwood”, already a hit in the U.K. and what the BBC describes as “inventive, intelligent and unpredictable.”

Mark Cuban, president and co-founder of HDNet says, “We

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