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CES: Toshiba displays new flagship 1080p player

The new Toshiba HD DVD HD-XA2 deck on was on view at the 2007 CES Las Vegas Convention Center. This player is humble looking, but contains all the features you need for maximum hi def output.

Along with HD DVDs, the HD-XA2 will also play regular DVDs, CDs, and combo DVDs (DVDs containing both high and standard definition formats – although I’m not quite sure why someone with a standard DVD player would want to pay more for a combo…planning ahead?).

Video resolution is up to 1080p with Deep Color support. The HD-XA2 also upconverts your traditional DVD resolutions of 480p, 720p, and 1080i up to 1080p. Connections can be made via HDMI or component. Or, you could kill the 1080p and output via S-Video or Composite — please say you didn’t.

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