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CES Eaten by Apple! Film at 11!

Only partially serious, of course. Consider me your friendly HD tabloid blogger, a bit over-the-top, but not enough to cook and eat the family cat.


CES got trumped. Bad. And I’m not just talking the iPhone, which is the first device in the history of the planet that I would CAMP OUT in front of the Apple store to get first. As soon as there’s a pre-order list, I’m on it. I’ve lived with Treos for the past three years, and as soon as I saw the “slide to unlock” bit, I knew that someone was actually thinking about this device. Not someone sitting in a cubicle farm making carbon dioxide, but someone who seriously thinks about things. Who asks “why?” Who says, “So what?” when some whiner says, “Well, everyone else is doing it that way”

But enough diversion. When I’m talking trounced, I’m also talking the AppleTV thing. Yeah, yeah, it only does 720p. Yeah, yeah, it’s got a puny hard drive. But it’s cheap.

And if it has the same brains behind its ergonomics that the iPhone has, watch out world. Because Apple is gonna turn the hard-to-use, you-gotta-be-an-enthusiast home entertainment market on its ear. If movie downloads are priced right, you’ll see people bypassing DVDs, HD-DVDs, Blu-Ray, and all the hard-to-use, non-ergonomic, non-compatible, non-intuitive stuff a HD geek has to put up with and rushing to the same guys who make their pretty iPods.

Interesting times, hey?

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