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HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs already cracked?

I’m amazed that both HD DVD and Blu-ray share the same content protection system. Apparently a user posted a video of the crack (see below) on the Doom9 site – showing a bunch of keys for movies such as Full Metal Jacket, Tomb Raider and Apollo 13. According to ARS Technica the keys were not cracked but rather obtained…which means there technically isn’t a crack yet.

The user named “muslix64” was able to obtain the keys running PowerDVD, which were somehow revealed as the movie was played.

The protection system AACS (Advanced Access Content System) was developed by a joint group in 2005 which included Sony and Toshiba. AACS material is encrypted under at least one title key using the Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES.

So if a crack is actually developed, it could meantrouble for both formats. That is all pretty uncertain at this time, but the user asks us to “stay tuned” for another video revealing the crack. Let’s see what comes of this, and how the AACS reacts if muslix64 is successful.

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