Home News The FCC shuts down radio

The FCC shuts down radio

Imagine if the FCC were to shut down analog radio as it is planning to do to analog television in February of 2009?
It would mean dead silence for cars across the country. Millions of
commuters would be left in solitude, drifting off into a trance or
letting their frustrations get to them without the distraction of

Many of them would stop immediately at the next Best Buy and get a
satellite or HD radio tuner for their cars. But many, who can’t afford
the equipment or subscriptions.

In millions of homes across the U.S. too, the absence of analog radio
would transform ambience of their homes. I remember the old radio my
grandparents would have playing classical music from morning until
dawn. Their house wouldn’t be the same without it. At a different
house, my friend’s parents would always have a radio tuned into big
band music. The whole character of that house started with the analog
radio in the living room.

The same holds true with analog TV. It is such a part of the culture
and has been for over 50 years. (Television became common in U.S. in
the 1950s, although early patents and demonstrations were made in the

There is no plan to shut down analog radio, but there is to shut down
analog TV. Why would the FCC shut down one and not the other?

To be continued…

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