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HD Report | July 24, 2017

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Facebook’s Instagram Now Lets Users Filter Comments


instagram-hashtage-coralreefGetting tired of all the spam or negative comments on your Instagram account? The company has added comment filtering using lists of words that are considered offensive or inappropriate.

The new tools can be found in the Options menu, and comments can be filtered based on a default list or a list of your own words.

The new Instagram features allow users to do some of their own reputation management, which is helpful considering the damage internet trolls can do to an account.

Within Instagram’s description of the update the company states, “We are committed to keeping Instagram a safe and positive place for self expression.”

Instagram also added a couple more features. Users can now “pinch to zoom” on photos and videos in a feed. And, colors can now be added to Instagram Stories text.

The new features are now available on both the Apple iOS and Google Android versions of the app.

The comment moderation tools were previously launched for business accounts back in July.

Instagram says they are working on even better moderation of comments by allowing more relevant and friends’ comments to show up before others. Users may even be able to set the comments that appear under the “View all __ comments” expansion link.



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