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HD Report | August 20, 2017

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Google Launches Cardboard Camera App for iPhone


google-cardboard-camera-sample1Google has released an iOS version of the Cardboard Camera app for iPhones that lets users capture moments in virtual reality. The images produced can span 360 degrees to create a virtual 3D environment, and add sound to make the experience more immersive (although audio optional).

Once the photos are taken users just need to insert their iPhone into a Cardboard viewer (or alternate supporting viewer) to experience panoramic images in VR. Then, in a new feature, images can be shared with friends via a virtual photo album.

The Android version of Cardboard Camera was also updated today with new sharing options.

Keep in mind Cardboard Camera is different from the Google Cardboard app that was last updated in March, 2016.

The app from Google is a 102MB download and available at iTunes free of charge. Cardboard Camera is viewable in almost two-dozen languages including English, French, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

If you’re an Apple user and haven’t explored Google Cardboard yet, check out the options at Google’s VR webpage.


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