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Multiple Issues With Max On Launch

Max premiered today, May 23 as a rebrand and expansion of HBO Max. But the streaming service owned by Warner Bros. Discovery launched with multiple issues. Here are some of them and some possible workarounds.

Max won’t open on mobile apps.

Try it again. You might try to quit the HBO Max app and go back to the app store. Then, search for Max and download.

The HBO Max app does not open on my phone. What can I do?

The best thing might be to quit the app and download Max from the app store. If Max is not available, use HBO Max temporarily.

The HBO Max app is still working on my Apple TV player.

Yes, you are right. The app is still working just like before the launch of Max. You should go to the app store and download Max. It is a separate app from HBO Max. You may have to set up new profiles though.

Max does not remember my HBO Max history.

Unfortunately, this is true. If you download the new Max streaming app the data from HBO Max does not seem to transfer over. In our testing, the new app just shows the generic Profile and Kids profiles. Hopefully, the developers will figure out what is going wrong.

Max does not work in any browsers.

You’re right! Upon launch, does not play in a browser. We tried clicking on Start Streaming multiple times and nothing happens. Even after clearing the cache and using a new browser, then signing in again the browser will still not play. Plus, there is no Sign Out button!

My MacBook App Store Doesn’t Show Max, Only HBO Max

You’re right. Upon the launch date Max doesn’t show up as a search on the Apple App Store for laptop and desktops. In fact, on May 23 you can still download or update the HBO Max app and sign-in to watch!

with provider directs me to AT&T.

That’s right. As confusing as it may sound, if you are an AT&T subscriber and get DirecTV the browser may direct you through AT&T just to get to HBO. This has been a problem since AT&T bought DirecTV.

Loops

When trying to sign in, change the account type, or sign-in as a different user the app and website creates a loop in which you may never get out! Try closing everything and opening again. And, if necessary delete any cache or previous user/password settings.

Max plan change unavailable

Can’t change the Account type

Subscribers who were used to getting 4k have been dropped to the legacy Ad-Free tier which does not include 4k. Trying to

Choose how to pay.

Max will ask you for a payment method even if you’ve been a subscriber to HBO Max. It’s annoying, but this is the part where you have to choose the tier you want. Choose from Max Ad-Lite ($9.99/month), Max Ad Free ($15.99/month), and Max Ultimate Ad Free ($19.99/month).

HBO Max is still running.

On Apple TV, HBO Max is still launching independently of Max. The app opens as usual and there is no redirect to Max. Maybe Warner Bros. Discovery decided to keep HBO Max running while the kinks are worked out.

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